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Veetu Saapadu: South Indian Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

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  1. Cassandra Arellano

    I love your bubbly personality!! and your lunch ideas :D

  2. Where did you buy the coconut wraps and what section of the store to find it?

  3. are you gluten free?

  4. any suggestion what should i replace that onion with? because i hate onion so bad :(

  5. Omggg hillary duff in the background

  6. Harambe the Gorilla

    Go omnivorous!

  7. corn is not healthy!!

  8. you are so healthy

  9. Why do you always have to do healthy why don't you just do your normal lunch

  10. "you could also add chicken or fish or whatever you want" lol there's an incredible amount of vegan protein sources besides quinoa lmao

  11. You are hilarious! ? Subscribed!

  12. Are you on drugs? It looks and sounds as if you are.

  13. I love how real you are in all of your videos! LOVE YA!!!! :):):)

  14. i could never figrue out how u eat the masin jar salad.

  15. Where i live (SPAIN) we dont have mason jars, ?????

  16. I have ciliac disease, which means I have a major alergy to gluten I have had this all my life and it has slowly progressed, I used to be able to eat 2 servings of gluten every day for about six years . Please keep in mind I am only twelve. But recently I had a hudge alergic reaction wich left me hospitalized for a week…. so I can no longer have any gluten. It has been a struggle to find good food that is gluten free. SO THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO IT REALLY HELPED ME OUT.?

  17. More videosss of food

  18. I love the salad thing!!

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  20. Would love you to do like a pantry/fridge tour! Just want to see what your basics for healthy eating are! ???

  21. weeel im in love! XD i want to be a vegan but since i live with my parents they dont want me to,but know that i found this i can show them that its isnt that hard to make vegan food! :)

  22. Moooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeee

  23. I would do the second lunch but before the cilantro I would add some avacado

  24. New vegan, thanks you

  25. Love this! I'm gluten intolerant and this helped!!:)

  26. me: puts chicken in a mason jar.

  27. I really want to start eating like this the only thing that I'm kind of iffy is these meals are cold meals.

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  31. please do another video like thisss!

  32. Such a well made video! The lunches are ACTUALLY healthy unlike every other healthy lunch video on youtube… and its shot beautifully. You continue to impress me Meghan!

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