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Subz Lajawaab – Quick Five Spice Indian Vegetarian Recipe under 20 mins

Subz Lajawaab is loaded with the richness of coconut milk and cashews. It is a …


  1. I love your meal preps!! Thank you!!

  2. I love watching your videos! You're such an absolute delight!:)

  3. You are soo cute!?

  4. Can't wait to try

  5. I love that curry recipe. I'm definitely trying that and the salad.

  6. Your makeup is so beautiful in this video! Such an inspiration.

  7. Loveee your channel!!!!

  8. Love these videos

  9. i love your minimal style

  10. I like your channel 🙂 You are very sympathic

  11. Coconut milk isn't healthy

  12. Hi Rachel, Yes can you please make a playlist for the meal prep and food videos so that they are easier to find? PRETTY PLEASE!!! … also please do more food videos & meal prep in general, I know you are a busy woman yet you have some serious subscribers out here!… Your editing and videos are such amazing quality visual, by content and informational. Keep them coming! Thank you :)

  13. girl i literally love you, you deserve SO many more followers! your channel is art!!

  14. I made the curry last night and it was super simple and delicious! Thank you Rachel for sharing:) more food prep please :)))

  15. u went kinda fast with this one but I still appreciate it. Just want to know if u can slow it down next time. Thank You :-)

  16. you look so incredibly pretty in this video,love your hair and make up.Hollywood star from 20s

  17. Nice video. I wish you would list the ingredients and times in the downbar as you talk very fast.

  18. Hey Rachel, quick question. Here you say to put chickpeas in the metabolic curry, but in the get lean nutrition guide it doesn't mention chickpeas at all for this recipe?

  19. Made two of the dishes this week for meal prep and thank gosh for this video because it is so hard to find quick, cheap, and easy recipes that are full of flavor!

    My suggestions for the curry is that if you want Rachel's consistency simmer with the cap off. but if you want more of a creamy and saucy curry leave the cap on and then last 15 mins cook it with cap off at medium high heat. Taste great even if you don't like Indian food but if you do, I would triple the amount of spices for flavor.

    As for the burrito bowl I hate beans but loved the dish with them in it! If you don't have a food processor use only 3 tomatoes and cut them into cubes for a salsa.

    thank you so much Rachel for the video!!!! as a college student it's so hard to stay healthy since most meal preps taste so bland and is usually just chicken all the time. but with recipes like these its much easier to stay healthy :)

  20. Whats the last song?!

  21. Constantina Louttchenko

    doesn't coconut milk contain lots of fats and sugar though?

  22. what lipstick is that?

  23. is coconut cream/milk healthy? i thought they are high in fat???

  24. just subscribed and i agree with the comment below. this channel is just what i have been looking for and i will be watching regularly. We are going to get your subscribers up! :)

  25. Lilian Miramontes, Jr.

    Rachel, you should make meal prep Playlist so that it's easy to find all your WONDERFUL recipes

  26. you are frickin STUNNING!!!!!!

  27. Which lipstick are you wearing? It looks absolute amazing! x

  28. does your recipe book come with how many calories the meals have?

  29. You sound like an Aussie news presenter ahah ? thanks for the vid x

  30. you're so beautiful, love the recipes you make!

  31. Very grateful that you added in vegan options. I find your voice and editing so calming. <3

  32. hey I just fell in love with your channel 🙂 I subscribed

  33. I just found your channel and this video is perfection!!! Definitely subscribed

  34. You sound Aussie, but call capsicums 'bell peppers'. Thats confusing af

  35. I made the metabolic curry and it's delicious! Going to try the pumpkin one next! thank you

  36. are you vegan? sorry, i'm kinda confused. love you videos though!

  37. Really amazingly professional! So much time and effort! LOVE IT!

  38. I can't get enough of your videos! You've got a new subscriber! I love all of your videos, especially these healthy recipes!

  39. Romina Macchiavello

    great channel!

  40. I like your video. I wish I had such perfect skin & hair like yours! I wanted some good vegetarian recipes. I will try these…

  41. Mickey Williams-Turner

    I just found your channel and fell in love with your circuit videos and meal videos and how one of a kind it is. I'm about to check out you website too. Congratulations on your new subbie!!!

  42. I can't believe I just now came across you, I love the quality of your videos!

  43. This video is really great! I can see that (as you said) you have put a lot of effort in to this :)

  44. i am extremely allergic to coconut… do you have any replacement suggestions??

  45. Patricia Jean-Louis

    How does she have 14 000 susbcribers only?
    Just found ur channel and i suscribed after the first 5 seconds of your video … You're amazingly beautiful and you look so quiet and zen
    Totally going to enjoy watching every single one of your videos ! Amazing quality ! ? from Montreal

  46. Lipstick color?

  47. Great recipes girly!! I want to try all 3! I have a very tight busy schedule everyday, do you have any fast but healthy meal tips?! That would be a good video 😉

  48. Would have loved a slower version of this. Just so that it didn't seem so rushed. Love your vids ?

  49. I will tell everyone I know to follow you.  I Love your recipes, your make up tutorials and your fitness videos!

  50. Fantastic video! Thanks!

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