Thursday , December 14 2017


San Francisco Cracks Down on Delivery Robots

San Francisco has been home to many quirky, forward-thinking technology startups over the years. There have been services that will fill your gas tank, mail you rolls of quarters, and even more ridiculous things. But delivery robots are just going too far — this is where the people of San …

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Galaxy Crispy Rolls Have Actually Been Contributed To Events

Method crispy coming in   them this year: heart_eyes:: heart_eyes:-Curty Mcdonald (@Curty_69 ) December 7, 2017 I HEARD THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE CELEBRATIONS NOW CONTAIN MILKY METHOD CRISPY ROLLS??? I REQUIRED CONFIRMATION PLEASE:     hope:-Atl(@atlantajayx) December 6, 2017 Nooooo Holly( @hollyxclaire ) December 7, 2017 Are these Galaxy crispy rolls …

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The company behind Dots is changing CEOs

Playdots, the company that lets gamers play with Dots, will soon have a new CEO as co-founder and current COO Patrick Moberg takes over for co-founder Paul Murphy. Murphy lead the company as CEO since the founding in 2013 and will stay with Playdots as a board member. Murphy and …

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