Wednesday , October 18 2017


Kinder Morgan goes rogue, proving it can’t be trusted

After swimming 1,300 kilometres upstream to their spawning grounds near the headwaters of the Fraser River, Chinook salmon returning to Swift Creek this year found their gravel beds blocked by a bright orange layer of snow fencing.   Kinder Morgan, the pipeline company that put it there, patted itself on the …

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Hurricane Recovery and Safety Tips

After so many days preparing for a hurricane, once the winds have died down and the water has receded, we often don’t know how to start the cleanup process. The aftermath of a hurricane can be just as dangerous as the storm itself. While tree branches and debris are no …

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Flood Safety Tips

Floods are one of the most costly and destructive natural disasters. A tremendous threat to both human life and property, floods occur in nearly every part of the world. Fast-moving flood waters are dangerous and unpredictable. Floods don’t have to be as severe as those in Mumbai or Houston to …

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Our 23 Favorite Vegetarian Recipes of 2016-2017 – Recipes from The Kitchn

Vegetarian cooking has actually thankfully outgrown its specific niche and has actually totally entered the mainstream these previous few years. It’s not essential to hide or excuse that meat is missing from the table. Rather, we commemorate the different abundance that a vegetarian meal can have, and these 23 recipes …

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