Instagram Street Style Spots In Toronto

Photo: paula.buzzo on Instagram  If you’re looking for a chic, vibrant, and unique background to showcase your newest investment pieces, you may not even need to book that ticket to fly away to a fashion capital like Milan or Paris. Toronto is well known for both its street style and naturally …

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The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

Photo: wasagaedgewaterresorts on Instagram  Although Canada boasts the longest coastline in the world, the beautiful True North spends most of the year covered in snow. However, once summer rolls around and the snowflakes and ice disappear for the season, Canada offers some of the best waves to ride and sandy beaches …

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Luxury and Digital: The Shining Combination

Deal them the luxury of time: “Severe luxury is simplicity for the customer,” says Nathalie Gonzalez, Marketing Director of Nespresso France, convinced that digital is just one tool among others readily available to luxury brands to assist in usage and improve customer fulfillment. “Digital helps us, for example, to offer …

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