New Implants Could Treat Type 2 Diabetes Without Needles

Implants that deliver a constant metered dose of medication have plenty of promise. They’re especially useful for making sure patients don’t have to orient their daily schedule around their medication times. For the same reasons, they’re a potential solution for patients who tend to forget to take medications that have …

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Single-Dose Radiation Found Effective for Prostate Cancer

Normally, when you hear iridium, you may think of the satellite constellation. But the uses of this exotic element are not limited to digital entertainment. Iridium also has isotopes that are useful in cancer treatment — and especially in prostate cancer treatment. The results of a two-year study from Europe …

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Powerful Anti-HIV Compound Found in Asian Medicinal Plant: Patentiflorin A

The willow-leaved justicia (Justicia gendarussa), a medicinal plant found throughout Southeast Asia, contains a potent anti-HIV-1 compound more powerful than the clinically used drug azidothymidine (AZT), according to new research. Zhang et al used the leaves’, stems’, and roots’ extract of the willow-leaved justicia (Justicia gendarussa).Image credit: University of Illinois …

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