Study: Cytomegalovirus Infection May Enhance Immune System

In search of a way to rejuvenate the immune system of older adults, a team of scientists from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and elsewhere has found that the cytomegalovirus, a common viral infection affecting between 60% and 99% of adults worldwide, may not weaken, but actually boost …

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Study Shows How Caffeine Protects and Repairs Heart Muscle

Caffeine consumption has been associated with lower risks for multiple diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, but the mechanism underlying these protective effects has been unclear. A new study, published in the journal PLoS Biology, shows that a caffeine concentration equivalent to four cups of coffee promotes …

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Replacing Potatoes or Rice with Lentils Lowers Blood Glucose

A new study from the University of Guelph shows that replacing half of the available carbohydrates from potatoes or rice with cooked lentils can lower blood glucose levels by more than 20% in healthy adults. The study appears in the Journal of Nutrition. Lentils significantly reduce blood glucose. Image credit: …

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