Thursday , December 14 2017


Physicists Prove Existence of New Form of Matter: Excitonium

New research led by a University of Illinois physicist has proved the existence of a new form of matter — ‘excitonium,’ a solid crystal of excitons. The research, led by Professor Peter Abbamonte, is published in the December 8 issue of the journal Science. Artist’s depiction of the collective excitons …

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Castle-crushing physics sandbox Besiege includes full multiplayer plus level creation & sharing

  quite as strongly in the 3rd quarter as we had initially reported, but the current major update- potentiallythe most important one yet – to middle ages machinery sandbox Besiege has formally launched.The Multiverse upgrade, as they’re calling it, brings two massive features to the already-impressive building game; The very …

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Researchers Develop Switchable Photovoltaic Window

A team of researchers at the U.S. DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has developed a thermochromic window capable of converting sunlight into electricity at a high efficiency. Dr. Wheeler (front) developed a switchable photovoltaic window along with (from left) Nathan Neale, Robert Tenent, Jeffrey Blackburn, Elisa Miller, and David Moore. …

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Physicists Precisely Measure Proton’s Magnetic Moment

In a paper published in the journal Science, a team of physicists from Japan and Germany reports the most precise measurement ever made of the magnetic moment of the proton, allowing a fundamental comparison between matter and antimatter. The new result improves by a factor 11 the precision of the …

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Earth Can Absorb High-Energy Neutrinos, Physicists Find

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that are famous for passing through anything and everything. Now, physicists have demonstrated that our planet stops high-energy neutrinos — they do not go through everything. The experiment was achieved with the IceCube Observatory, an array of 5,160 basketball-sized sensors frozen deep within a km3 of …

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