Space Exploration

This Week in Space: From Paranal to Proxima B

We won’t know if Proxima b is habitable until we can get some sharp telescopes pointed straight at it, which doesn’t happen until next year. But until then, everyone’s an armchair astronomer, speculating about the little red dot. What if it’s habitable? It lies within the habitable radius around its …

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Research Suggests Mars Formed in the Asteroid Belt

Earth and Mars are very different planets right now, but they’re both small, rocky planets in the inner solar system. However, a new study suggests Mars may also have different origins than Earth. Researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology claim that analysis of Mars’ composition supports the idea that it …

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Research Reveals How Changes in Rainfall Shaped Early Mars

Heavy rain on Mars reshaped impact craters and carved out river-like channels in the planet’s surface billions of years ago, according to a study by geologists from the Smithsonian Institution and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). An artist’s impression of the young Mars. Image credit: M. Kornmesser …

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