Thursday , February 22 2018


AMD Launches New Epyc, Ryzen Embedded CPUs

For the past year, AMD has been busy rolling out multiple waves of Ryzen hardware. From high-end consumer desktops, to 16-core enthusiast and workstation designs, to its new APUs for the budget-conscious enthusiast, AMD has been firing on all cylinders for the first time in, well, a very long time. …

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Microsoft’s Windows on ARM Effort is Seriously Limited

When Microsoft announced it was working on a new version of Windows on ARM, the news generated a fair amount of skepticism. Microsoft’s previous effort in this arena, Windows RT, was legendary for high rates of return, limited capabilities, and generally weak performance. Windows RT looked just like Windows, but …

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Black Role Models in Tech: A Personal Perspective

If you’re invited to tour MIT’s Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass. when they’re having a Lab Lunch, you’ll witness a mob of students, staff, and faculty sitting together over a meal, in pursuit of the social aspects of the lab’s free-wheeling “anti-disciplinary” culture that encourages researchers to break out of …

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