Samsung Fined $400M in FinFET Patent Dispute

Samsung has been found guilty of patent infringement and ordered to pay a $400M fine to a South Korean university. Two other companies, GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm, were also found guilty, but Samsung is the only firm required to pay damages. Samsung was judged to have infringed on a patent belonging …

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Epyc Birthday: AMD’s Xeon Challenger Turns One

A year ago today, AMD unveiled what’s arguably its most significant challenge to Intel across the markets where the two companies compete: Epyc. Consumer parts are great for volume and brand recognition, but the Epyc server CPU family is aimed squarely at one of the few PC markets that’s booming, …

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Google Play now makes it easier to manage your subscriptions

Mobile app subscriptions are a big business, but consumers sometimes hesitate to sign up because pausing and cancelling existing subscriptions hasn’t been as easy as opting in. Google is now addressing those concerns with the official launch of its subscription center for Android users. The new feature centralizes all your …

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