L2 vs. L3 cache: What’s the Difference?

Yesterday we discussed how caches work, what the difference is between L1 and L2, and the various design elements that determine how fast (and how effective) a CPU’s cache is. Today, we’re going to take one step further and explore the difference between L2 and L3 caches. At its simplest level, …

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The Best College Grad Gifts

Graduation is great and all, but what comes next? An empty apartment: major buzz kill. Do they need something for around the house, or something to get them started with a first “real job,” or are they going to continue on toward a higher degree? Short-circuit the milk crate blues …

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Google Targets Nvidia With Learning-Capable Cloud TPU

Only a week after Nvidia’s new AI-focused Volta GPU architecture was announced, Google aims to steal some of its thunder with its new, second-generation, Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) that it calls a Cloud TPU. While its first generation chip was only suitable for inferencing, and therefore didn’t pose much of …

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