Saturday , April 21 2018


Amazon is putting Alexa in the workplace

The user interface is evolving. What has actually long been controlled by screens of all sizes and shapes is now being trespassed upon by the voice. And while many business are developing voice interfaces– Apple with Siri, Google with Assistant, and Microsoft with Cortana– none are quite as dominant as …

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Welcome to the future of work

With advances in information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence developing at a rapid rate, workforce dislocations are happening now and are here to stay. As existing trends accelerate and irreversibly change the workforce as we know it, the question to be answered is–what will we do to broadly share the gains …

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Amazon begins reselling Frontier’s internet service on its site

Earlier this year, Amazon launched a new storefront dubbed the “Amazon Cable Store,” which focused on reselling Comcast’s internet and television service from the retailer’s site. Of course, the generic name “Cable Store” seemed to hint that Comcast wouldn’t be the only company featured on this site in the future – and that …

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AWS announces FPGA instances for its EC2 cloud computing service

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service today announced that it is launching a new instance type (F1) with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The promise of FPGAs is that they are essentially chips that you can reprogram on the fly and tune them for your specific applications, making them faster than traditional CPU/GPU combinations. …

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