ExtremeTech picks: the best gaming gift cards

So you want to give a gift card to a gamer. How do you know which gift card is the best one to get for your giftee? Whether you’re considering a present well in advance or standing in Best Buy scratching your head, ExtremeTech is here to cut through the …

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Imagination Technologies’ share price collapses as Apple dumps company

Ever since Apple launched the original iPhone, it’s worked closely with Imagination Technologies. Even after Apple began building its own GPU architecture, it relied on Imagination for other building blocks of its total solution. Apple, however, appears to be bringing that relationship to an end, and Imagination Technologies’ stock has …

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Opinion: Apple just made its best iPhone even better

Last year, Apple launched the iPhone SE. It’s the company’s last remaining 4-inch device, and it uses the same chassis as the iPhone 5s, but packs iPhone 6s hardware into the form factor. The diminutive smartphone was reviewed extremely well, but for one aspect of its design: Its low-end model …

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