Thursday , December 14 2017


Apple May Reduce iPhone SoC Performance as Battery Degrades

For years, Apple’s iPhones have offered a Low Power Mode to improve battery life when you’re nearing the end of a charge. Low Power Mode is signified by a dull yellow battery charge icon as opposed to green, and disables email fetch, Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, some visual …

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Not All iPhone Xs Use the Same Modem, and They Perform Differently

Unlike Android handset manufacturers, which sometimes deploy different SoCs in identically named products depending on the market, Apple has historically stuck with a unified iPhone design. In 2016, the company started using two different modems, one from Qualcomm, one from Intel. Apple has continued this practice with the iPhone X, …

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Apple May Unveil Standalone AR Headset in 2019

Apple has seemed largely uninterested in the virtual reality fad, and that may be because it has plans for a different kind of experience. A new report claims that Apple is moving full speed ahead to develop a standalone augmented reality (AR) headset that will have a new processor and …

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