Saturday , April 21 2018


nucleo utilizes boolean operations to create hybrid african masks

‘boolean’ is a series of hybrid sculptures has actually produced by coupling diverse aspects like vintage furniture and cast concrete based upon the application of boolean operators. boolean logic, called after english mathematician and computer system pioneer george boole, established using operators like ‘NOT’, ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ that we now …

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Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept (video)

Royal College of Art student Fiona O’Leary has designed and created a very innovative piece of hardware called Spector that allows designers, artists or anyone interested in colour and typefaces to capture, record and use fonts and colour they may discover. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about …

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New Carbon SUV eBike Unveiled (video)

Moto Parilla has once again taken to Kickstarter to raise the funds he requires to take his new Carbon SUV ebike electric powered bike into production. After previously missing the pledge goal on his previous Kickstarter campaign Parilla has now lowered it down to £60,000. Check out the video below …

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OvRcharge Levitating Wireless Smartphone Charger (video)

A new and very unique wireless smartphone charger has been created by AR Designs based in Toronto Canada called the OvRcharge. What makes the OvRcharge different to other wireless smartphone chargers is that your mobile phone is suspended in midair whilst charging takes place. The levitating wireless charger has launched …

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Mate eBike Affordable Foldable Electric Bike (video)

Anyone in the market for a folding eBike might be interested in a new electric bicycle which has been designed by a team based in the world cycling capital Copenhagen. Watch the video below to learn more about the foldingeBike which has been designed in Denmark and is packed full …

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