Wednesday , October 18 2017


Bing Ads launches Multi-Linking for multiple-account management

Starting today, Bing Ads is rolling out a more streamlined and intuitive mechanism called “Multi-Linking” for linking one account to another. The new system allows advertisers to link accounts without having to classify itself as an agency, as advertisers had to do previously. In addition, accounts can have up to five …

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Dealing with duplicate content

The words “duplicate content” strike fear into the hearts of many webmasters and SEOs. But the truth is, not all duplicate content is created equal. Since content is a core element of good SEO, many have tried to manipulate the result by using the old “copy and paste” approach. Google …

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Ignoring these 6 SEO strategies could come back to haunt you

Halloween is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be seeing little ghosts, goblins, witches and Donald Trump wannabes wandering your street in search of treats. SEO is a lot like these trick-or-treaters: If you’re brave enough to go into the scary dark night and knock on strangers’ doors, you could …

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The holidays arrived early for local marketers

The holiday season has arrived early for locally focused marketers. Consider the developments that have occurred just in the past week: Google My Business API added new features, including the ability to manage your Google Posts. Facebook announced a number of tools and partnerships supporting local discovery, including booking and …

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Google AMP and call attribution — 5 things you need to know

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google’s open source initiative to improve web page speed and performance for mobile users. But that speed comes at a cost for digital marketers. AMP eliminates scripts — including the scripts that help you track mobile calls. On October 19, join our Google AMP …

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The 17 best Adobe Illustrator plugins

While save effort and time. These plugins won’t cause a mini-revolution in your studio, but they will allow you to perform particular tasks quicker. Plus, a number of these are created for older versions of Ai, including some functionality of more recent variations like Innovative Cloud without the extra expense …

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