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Tanzanian People States High-end Safari Business Are Burning Down Their Homes And Stealing Their Land

    Luxury safaris preferred by wealthy immigrants have triggered the Tanzanian federal government to take land promised to the Maasai individuals in previous federal government contracts, The Guardian reports. The worldwide elite prefers the safaris and often pay large amounts of loan for big-game hunting such as lions, zebras …

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The luxury SUV made in Kenya

The rise of Africa’s homegrown vehicle industries Photos: The increase of Africa’s homegrown automobile industries Mobius II, Kenya & acirc;$ ” Mobius Motors are releasing their 2nd model of their stripped-down SUV automobile produced the rough terrain. The company was founded in 2009 by British business owner Joel Jackson. They’re …

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motivating eco architecture at its finest

Visionary architect Heinz Pahl-Kaupp reimagines how structures communicate with the natural world making use of sacred geometry to motivate new measurements in the possibility of buildings. With any construction Heinz begins by asking the concern– “do we desire to reduce contact with the land or optimize it?” For a rustic …

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