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Los Angeles College Pays $28,000 to the Hackers as Ransom

A report published in a Los Angeles Valley College school newspaper, explains that a college whose whole system was hacked by the group of hackers paid $28,000 ransom to the hackers in order to get their system back. The report says that the cyber attack happened on the January 3rd of this year, which …

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Disabled Man Beaten Up Badly By Group Live on Facebook

Four people have been arrested and are being questioned regarding a Facebook video which shows a disabled man being beaten up badly after tying him to a chair or something else. All the four suspects, among them one was streaming the video live on Facebook, are taken into custody and police is investigating …

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3 Dead in Massive Wildfire in Tennessee

As of now, three people are reportedly dead in the massive wildfire, which affected more than 14,000 people and yet more than 250 buildings have been damaged. Concerned authorities have already raised alarm in the nearby areas of wildfire and thousands of people have evacuated the place and gone to …

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