CES Las Vegas 2017

The greatest consumer electronics expo in the world is unfolding from January 5 to January 8 in the heart of Sin City. CES Las Vegas takes place each year in the wake of the holiday celebrations; journalists, business people, celebrities, and tech enthusiasts from around the world fly in to the most exciting city in Nevada to check out the latest in gadgets, smart appliances and futuristic devices.

What to Expect at the 2017 CES Las Vegas

Telematics, auto infotainment systems, home automation, and virtual assistants are some of the technology trends expected to impress visitors at CES Las Vegas this year.

The round of press conferences that started on January 3 concluded with an optimistic view from tech industry leaders who believe that the trade agreements that the Trump administration is preparing to revise will not have a negative effect on their sector. Tech leaders are hoping for what they called “a parallel agenda” between the White House and trade agreements that benefit science and engineering.

On Wednesday evening, information security firm Symantec surprised journalists with their first-ever hardware product: a router specifically designed to protect home networks. In 2016, attacks on devices connected to the Internet of Things made headlines, and problematic weaknesses were found in web cams, printers, baby monitors, and even wireless routers. Symantec wants to make the entire home safe with a router that is easy for anyone to install.

Another surprise came from graphics chip maker Nvidia, which unveiled the GeForce Now network, a prepaid subscription to a powerful computer that can play the latest PC games even if subscribers have underwhelming systems. The introductory price of the subscription is $25 for the first 20 hours.

Vehicles and Home Automation

Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by online retail giant Amazon, has been a strong presence at the 2017 CES Las Vegas. All the major smart appliances introduced this year can be operated by talking to Alexa, which appears to be getting smarter and more eloquent every day. Lenovo, Samsung and Whirlpool have all introduced home appliances powered by Alexa.

On the automotive front, Toyota made a big splash with the Concept-i car, which looks like a suburban version of the Batmobile and features more than autonomous driving technology; this vehicle is actually powered by artificial intelligence. Chrysler also introduced an unusual model: a self-driving minivan that runs on electrically charged batteries.

No CES Las Vegas would be complete without great parties, and some great ones are being planned by Dolby, Microsoft and Huawei. Contact us today to book a Las Vegas hotel for CES.

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