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Hearty Minestrone soup | Vegetarian recipe by crazy4veggie.com

Count me in in the soup lover club. Especially when I heard something like “Minestrone …


  1. Nice

  2. nice but dude u burnt the broccoli

  3. Are you French? Français?

  4. subscribing for the good tutorials but honestly i could just listen to him talk all day lol

  5. if you heat up vegetables doesnt alot of the useful vitamins disappear?

  6. Would be better if he did not sound so stupid


  8. is very good !! I am make ….

  9. The random Kimmy Schmidt reference hahah….looks good guys! I'm going to do something similar as a Thanksgiving side. (:

  10. I absolutely LOVE the way you say "leaves", lol! (thumbs up) I totally forgot about using baking paper for roasting so thanks for doing the video. Funny thing is that I am a baker but this helps SOO much in clean up too!

  11. Where are you buying your parsnips??? They should not be that expensive!

  12. Thumb up, look delicious but hope you guys washed vegetable before cooking, they look so dry when you cut them. haha

  13. I remember I watched yer video last year. i just love the way you talk. hahaha.. thank u for posting this. Gonna bake me some mushrooms,zucchini,fresh green beans and carrots n grill me up a turkey burger… thx again !!!

  14. this was hilarious and VERY informative and helpful 😀 you're a funny guy!

  15. florets

  16. are those potatoes precooked?

  17. Thumbs up….way wayyyyyy up! Awesome video.

  18. Is olive oil extra Virgin?

  19. superb thnxx a lot!! but yes it isn't fatty right??

  20. wow appetizing

  21. Do you have to have the thyme

  22. the guy in this video is amazing. i had a smile through out the video. ☺

  23. Thank you for share….

  24. looks very easy and tasty

  25. Y is his finger dirty

  26. thanks guys ! i just found you on Youtube ……… i think i'll spend lots of time watching you :P

  27. I am like this tutorial. If you are interested health tips, fitness, weight loss goes to km beauty style

  28. is the Broccoli burnt?

  29. Thank you so much this is perfect for my dinner ?

  30. is there ant other seasonign we can use that is not thyme?

  31. merci beacoup mon ami!

  32. what happen to brocolli???? hahaha

  33. can you do this with frozen veges? our local supermarket sells expensive veges -.-

  34. Love this! Very simple <3

  35. So gonna try it! More veggie recipes pleaseee :D

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