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Veetu Saapadu: South Indian Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

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  1. Nice recipe! Can I substitute coconut milk with whipping cream and keep all the other ingredients the same?

  2. Hi. I made your dish tonight. It was delicious. My family really liked it. Thanks for making this tutorial. :o)

  3. definitely:)

  4. wow.. yummulicious Shruti:) my mouth is watering.. can't wait to try it.. thank you so much for sharing this recipe

  5. What is the name of blender you are using?

  6. hey shruti..your voice is so…so.. sexy…..and ur cooking as well…cheers..

  7. Love this recipe, thank you !

  8. I'm absolutely in love with your vídeos and recipes!!! I am really interested in Indian food and your vídeos help a lot!!! I am so happy I've found your channel!!! Greetings from Spain!

  9. Sruthi you r very beautiful and your cooking also.how u maintain ur body shape.

  10. Hi shruthi,yummy n rich dish..will suits for weekend party…will try out..thank you …u look soooooooo cute……:)

  11. #sruthiskitchen hi sruthi, the recipe looks yummy and rich. I liked it. But for your information, milk and yogurt are incompatible. So please don't use them together. If you escape yogurt in your recipe then too it gonna taste so yum.
    Thanks :)

  12. Looks tasty! Is it home-made coconut milk? do u have garam masala video too? thanks!

  13. This looks delicious, Sruthi! Can't wait to give this recipe a try!

  14. Coconut milk made at home or store bought ? If store bought what brand?? Will it be sweet ??

  15. My next contribution to the Five Spice Cooking Series would be this creamy and easy to make Subz Lajawaab. This curry can be made under 20 mins yet tastes YUM. Try it yourself and leave me a comment smile emoticon

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfz63kKZfhQ&list=UUnL1TlDVab_c4U3zRUpQsIw
    Text: http://www.sruthiskitchen.com/?p=3006

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