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  1. Peyton L (peytonthefrijole)

    is the pancake recipe in the description the small one or the doubled

  2. I'm on a strict calorie diet, so I wanted to know how many calories the last one with the patatoes were

  3. Sydney Van Guelder

    It seems to be so delicious that I wanna turn vegan :)

  4. made the pancakes this morning – so good! :)

  5. I'm gong give this vegan stuff a shot. starting right here!

  6. I can't digest tofu very well but I'm going to try with chickpea and I can't wait to taste your pancakes and potatoes! I never thought of boiling and then cooking in the skillet. YUM!

  7. I cant wait to make the tofu scramble & potatoes!! But isnt tofu really GMO?

  8. The moment "cookie dough pancakes" popped up on the screen, I pressed the like button.

  9. Hi! I love your video, but i have a question. Can I use lactose free cheese instead of tofu?

  10. My family won't let me go vegan so I have to wait till I'm 18?

  11. i got a milk ad lmao. disgusting.

  12. roughly how much fat are in the pancakes with cookie dough?

  13. lol, i thought it said "perfect for your side or your man" haha

  14. What to sub for cocoa ? I hate chocolate

  15. easy potato hack: submerge 1 potato: sliced in a bowl of water and microwave it for 6-7 minutes

  16. Please never stop making videos. I love you!❤️

  17. i watch your videos endlessly after work and it's nice to stop by and watch and also let it be in the background, its great.

  18. warning: you can get sick from eating uncooked flour

  19. Thank you for sharing I'll try all these tomorrow

  20. Super excited to try those pancakes!!!

  21. I am amazed I am loosing weight using your recipes plus working out! That's great; I think at the end I will become vegan. Thanks a LOT!! They are fast and easy :)

  22. I LÔVE your recipes!! It's hard to watch some younger vegan YouTuber bc they always feel the need to be over the top bubbly/cheesy (no pun intended). Your videos are very relatable and realistic to me. ?

  23. i love love love this !! so much that i had to subscribe

  24. OMG these look so yummy !! thank you !

  25. Lol I had that potato dish for dinner??

  26. YUM!

  27. Just found you. Watched all ur videos in one sitting. Holy shit. Amazing quality. Amazing recipes. Gold channel of yours❤️❤️❤️

  28. Great recipes!

  29. My favorite vegan channel !!!!!!!!!

  30. Risa Miranda (RisaMiranda)

    Literally watching your videos and making a grocery list lol

  31. Risa Miranda (RisaMiranda)


  32. Oh dear moon, all three of these look super apetizing!

  33. Brichietje van Hooff

    This is amazing! I try make your pancake recipes and It's taste good? maybe tomorrow I'll make tofu toast! xx

  34. Holy wow these are amazing I'm eating them right now they have a similar taste to brownies. And I put raspberry banana and blueberry on top with some coconut palm syrup ❤️️

  35. Helpful!!

  36. Shyrete.beluli

  37. That looks delicious. I wish there were vegan options in my country, such as milk, toffu, etc.

  38. Off topic here…. have you thought about modeling? love the recipes, but my first thought was like "Wah! her eyes!" gorgeous.

  39. Why didn't you add salt to the potatoes?

  40. What is the best TASTING tofu , you know something that doesn't taste like water and flour ?

  41. Holyy

  42. oh my god, those pancakes. my mouth is watering like hell.

  43. You can put the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes and it does the same thing as boiling, if you're running short on time :)

  44. These recipes are amazing!

  45. I am DEFINITELY going to try the cookie dough pancakes!!!?

  46. what kind of bread do you use

  47. Pink Turtle Shrimp

    I tried the potatoes and they are really good. I generally don't eat pancakes but I sent this video to a vegan friend and he made them, and said they were the best pancakes he's ever tasted. I'M NOT EVEN VEGAN but whenever I'm hungry for something tasty I come to your channel. The vegan friend I mentioned earlier liked the pancakes so much he subscribed LOL 😀 Love your vids Liv!

  48. Everything looks so mouthwatering!!

  49. The "cookie dough" you made and put on top of the pancakes, are you sure we can eat it? Because you used flour and its raw so I'm not sure

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