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Hearty Minestrone soup | Vegetarian recipe by crazy4veggie.com

Count me in in the soup lover club. Especially when I heard something like “Minestrone …


  1. Hi Priyanka, I tried your recipe today with processed cheese it turned out excellent. Thanks

  2. Wheres the breaking. wheres the burning. wheres the shooting.WHERES THE EGGS!!!!!!oh wait wrong channel.

  3. I'm sure 'once in a while so much cheese is ok' ???good recipe though!!

  4. Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe


  5. I have made this four times since I stumbled across it on YouTube… PEOPLE, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! TRY IT!! :)

  6. Azizataurus Taurus

    Luv it ??????????

  7. hi can i use samosa sheets instead of lasania sheets

  8. have you used boiled pasta sheets or the still one?

  9. Very nice

  10. Hi Priyanka I'm new to your channel and already love all videos I have seen till now. I see your last update was 2 years back. Request you to please get back to making more videos. You have immense potential and everybody can learn a lot and get motivated.. Thanks and hope to see new videos.. :)

  11. Awesome priyanka ?
    Lasagna is one of my favourites…prepared this…tasted exactly like the one from my favourite restaurant!

  12. I've tried ur lasagna recipe twice , it turned out very tasty, thank u :)

  13. Hi Priyanka, i m gonna try ur recipe for sure!!! have one doubt, which type of cheese u added in white Sauce?cheddar or mozerella?

  14. For how long goes the vegetables in the oven?

  15. Wowwwwww❤❤

  16. i love the recepie, however, cheese means not real vegetarian :)

  17. We aren't suppose to boil lasagne ???

  18. how to bake in otg

  19. how to bake in org

  20. I tried this and it was amazing! So easy to make and absolutely delicious! Thank you Priyanka! x x x

  21. From where did u get lasagna sheets…..pls rply☺

  22. Its really soooooooooo easy and big thing is ,,,,,very delicious…..mouth watering….

  23. Nuura jaamac Xaashi

    going to try today

  24. Ingredients for red saus pls….?

  25. Papad also…!!!

  26. wao

  27. Its sooo yummy…. thanks dear….

  28. Nice effort :-)

  29. Fantastic.. Love Love Love it…

  30. superb

  31. this is veg or non veg?

  32. Wow,,,,,looks so georgeous and appetizing in the end……………..lovely

  33. I want to skip lasagne sheets… so any replacement for this?

  34. if I don't have Italian seasoning what should I use???? plz reply

  35. This is really very delicious , I tried it every one liked , thank you so much for sharing this recipe

  36. very good
    you are looking nice

  37. Thank you so much for showing us how to cook the vegetables Lasagne God bless you hand

  38. going to try today!!

  39. My gosh.. This is making me hungry. I love your accent Priyanka! You sound beautiful.

  40. tired it.. it was soooo good.. lil soggy tho

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