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Vegetarian Shephard’s Pie | Homemade Baking Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen

Chef Kanak brings to you a rich and creamy vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe using lots …


  1. very tasty and easy to make

  2. i subscribed to your channel thanks for video so easy

  3. Michelle Jackson

    What kind of cheeses is that

  4. ?

  5. I lov u recipes it's so amazing way of explaining and easily made

  6. Awesome thanks so much ?

  7. Wow great

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  9. Thank you for your video, I will convert this recipe to vegan version

  10. What is this nonsense! My Mexican food is meat only food! Stop this garbage!

  11. All your recipes are easy to cook and delicious it really helps me…..

  12. what kind of flour tortilla is that? what brand

  13. I love all your recipes – easy fix and yum! Will surely try these when friends come over! 🙂 Pls suggest some sauce/dip/chutney to go with these as well.

  14. I love this recipe i made it yesterday and it was delicous

  15. I made this recipe for dinner, me and my mom loved it!

  16. yumm!

  17. I'm making this today for Iftar! #Ramadan Mubarak

  18. wow just awesome,

  19. Michele Docherty

    Yum Yum.. Gotta try this for my girlfriend who has recently turned Veggie. 🙂 thanks for helping me decide what to cook!!

  20. Love your videos, love your food, love you. Please keep them coming!!

  21. superman no here

  22. I am going to make this when friends come over! But will add some chicken to the mix. Should be delicious!!

  23. nice & simple receipe.of quisildila

  24. made this with daiya cheese! yummy!

  25. That looks delicious. I love quesadillas. I will try this vegetable version. Thank you!

  26. Looks good ima make this tonight..?????

  27. I find it entertaining that sad, miserable people always make time to comment in a disrespectful manner on whatever another is trying to do with good intensions. To the ones that know it all – looking forward to seeing YOUR fabulous videos. Please send me a link.
    Well done on your efforts girl.

  28. You really need to learn how to cook instead of making these half-baked, mediocre videos…. It is pronounced "tortiya", by the way, not "tortilla"…

  29. love this :-)

  30. i like it awesome

  31. i like it

  32. i like it

  33. Jessica Martinez

    Just made this but substituted the mushrooms for zucchini . Delicious , thankyou !

  34. looks yummy!! def making these tonight :)

  35. Thank you arcobabyrules

  36. I LOVE all of your recipes they are so yummy



    Mmmm looks so yummy . Going to try for sure

  39. hahahaha use cc I mean English subtitle now try to use it from start

  40. kailash chouksey

    Really good.I will try at home.Thanks a lot.

  41. i will try it ? looks delicious ….mushrooms my favorite

  42. Jem the reindeer

    Bet they tasted great! :)

  43. Thanks for the recipe. By the way it is pronounced "Tortiya" not the way it is spelled "Tortilla"

  44. Amandeep Singh Rai

    omg I love how she just talks. It is soo funny…god bless her though… And she seems very organized….

  45. Trying this tonight for dinner minus the mushrooms

  46. Can u tell me wt kind of mushroom u use its ready or?

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