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Vegetarian Shephard’s Pie | Homemade Baking Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen

Chef Kanak brings to you a rich and creamy vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe using lots …


  1. Nice recipe yaman.. please share some oven baked vegetarian starters..thanks

  2. Anukrita Bamshankar Mishra

    I love your recipes

  3. Hey u loose too much weight

  4. haha ' i am your boy yaman ' looked way cute ! plus you are alot alot groomed. Glad to see :)

  5. hy… can I cook it in pan

  6. hey, for how much time do we need to keep in microwave convection mode?

  7. very smart chef you are my mate, sayem. dhaka

  8. I have been watching your videos since so long, I feel happy that you doing so good ..keep it up ?

  9. Hey you chopped the vegetables boiled in the chopper or raw ?

  10. Hey Yaman, can you share some rich Indian dinner recepies without panner in it

  11. tnx but why cooking shooking not reply

  12. i don't have oven…what i can do….please reply coz i loved this recipy…..u make Osm recipies

  13. can we place buns in microwave instead of oven

  14. kitchen king masala?
    i dont think it would go well with it! innovative tho but i wont be adding kitchen king masala!

  15. awesome recipes…
    can u pls do a video on. eggless Donuts recipe please…

  16. like your speaking English and your recipe too boy

  17. Hey Yaman, like your recipes and the way you explain. Could you please create a few healthy and fast recipes…thanks

  18. yummm…

  19. you are really very cute and amazing at cooking I try ur recipes they are really Easy and just perfect . you are really adorable

  20. while filling the bun make sure you tear open and remove the white part so that more veggies can be filled.

  21. can you tell how to make
    1. bread rolls
    2. burger
    3. tutti frutti ice cream
    4. veg puffs

  22. are we supposed to use frozen peas and chick pea? cant we use the normal ones?

  23. yummyyyy so good????

  24. I haven't vegetable grinder.so how can I make.

  25. this recipe is awesome. i have to try it.

  26. what is kitchen king masala?

  27. Is there a way to make this in a microwave? I don't have an oven.

  28. superb…..

  29. veggie buns amazing

  30. i liked the way u explain and amazing buns u made

  31. Hindi language plz

  32. looks so yummy ^_^
    how old are you ? :D

  33. yaman. awesome.. i like all your food. do u hv Facebook??

  34. nice one

  35. ohh it's soo yummm

  36. I have never entered the kitchen my entire life. I don't know a or b of it either. Thanks yaman for making me wanna try out some cooking and it turned out to be good :)

  37. Heee yaman i like your reciepies, but i want to know how to make burger please post it

  38. can you please tell how to make bread roll
    you are really awesome

  39. you make a cooking method in so easy way I will appreciate u

  40. Awesomeness ☺☺

  41. i have en quistion whay My bread dosent be fluffy but heavy i want to give me right recipe for fluffy and light bread

  42. Please make a video on how to make a perfect yeast crust pizza ?

  43. bhagyalakshmi jayaraman

    Hi yaman your recipes are super!!!!would like to see some kids lunch box recipes !!!!!!

  44. yummyyyy….

  45. looks soo yummy…..m gng to try it definately…?

  46. you are cute :)

  47. you should merge two websites together. I kept searching for one recipe details in your first website which is actually in your latest website. However good job. proud of you

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